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Master 2 in information and communications, specializing in media engineering

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The Master’s Degree in Media Engineering targets an interdisciplinary culture based on proficiency in information systems and the creation of digital content for networks while taking into account potential uses.  Thanks to a collaborative approach, students in this Master’s develop skills as project managers in the field of new technologies and networks.

The coursework in this Master 2 is a combination of:

•    Seminars enabling students to obtain first-hand accounts and feedback from professionals from various fields:  Web Accessibility, Media  Asset Management, Editorial Content Production, Mobile Media, Open-source applications etc…  
•    Fundamental Coursework.
•    A collaborative student project in cooperation with professional partners using an immersive team project approach.  This student project consists in designing and developing a “cross media” application (web and mobile applications, blogs, trailers and short films, forums,…) allowing students to apply knowledge acquired in the fundamental coursework.
•    A second semester entirely devoted to a 22 week professional internship.

The Degree enables students to develop not only scientific skills:

•    Information Systems and Architecture
•    Creating of Digital Storytelling
•    Digital Content Production and Publishing
•    Technology Watch and Data Retrieval
•    Economic Intelligence and Strategic Communications

 But also professional skills:

•    Individual specialized workshops to learn various multimedia applications and programming techniques.
•    Master Image and Sound production tools and the development of digital communications in a creative and innovative spirit.

 As well as methodological skills:

•    Management strategies for designing and developing on-line multimedia content.
•    Team management using project management and collaborative tools.

Duration of studies

1 year


The aim of this professional Master’s Degree is to facilitate employment.


Employment Prospects


•    Communication - Advertising - Marketing
•    Multimedia - Internet - Audiovisual


•    Multimedia Project Manager
•    Webmaster (Development, Host)
•    Community Manager
•    E-publishing Manager
•    Traffic Manager
•    Data Warehouse Engineer
•    IT Consultant (Website Referencing)
•    Web TV Developer and Presenter…


Professional Integration

Over the past 5 years, students have been successful in obtaining internships and employment :

80% of students were recruited by the end of their internship. 30% began their internship with an employment contract.
69 % of Master 2 students were offered employment at the end of their internships, including 48% with permanent employment contracts.
According to the first national professional integration study for Master’s degrees, Ingemedia obtained the second highest ranking in France with a score of 96 %, which was 7% higher than the national average.

Ingemedia students generally obtain employment as multimedia project managers essentially in technical fields or as webmasters.  They coordinate development teams and are deeply involved in the projects they manage.  Some elect to focus on the preliminary phases of the projects they manage such as the editorial, marketing, financial and legal aspects.
They may also manage a team of web developers and graphic designers.  Others are recruited as Internet/Intranet communication managers, web planners, traffic managers, or referencing managers.

Department head

  • Mr.  Michel DURAMPART, ( Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. ), Professor, 71st section.



Unit Credits ECTS Hours

Unit 1 Media, Writing and Digital Fields (common to all M2 Degrees)

Understanding Socio-Technological Information and Communication Approaches
Research Methods
Critical Approaches, Artistic Practices, and Creative Technologies
Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence
New Digital Audio-Visual Tools, Professional Evolutions and New Uses, Immersive Environments
Network and Area Innovations

9 54h

Unit 2 Fundamentals of Information Systems

Systems and Architecture
Production and Publishing Management Systems
Data Retrieval
Rich Media Edition
Professional Seminars
Professional Workshops

7 69h

Unit 3 Multimedia Design and Production

Multimedia Scriptwriting
Evaluation and Ergonomics of Uses
Mobile Applications and Services
Project Management
Community Media
Professional Seminars

7 78h

Unit 4 Digital Content Products and Services

Strategic Communication
Web Marketing
Digital Economics
IT Law
Professional English
Professional Workshops
Professional Seminars

7 75h
Unit Credits ECTS Hours

Unit 5 Professional Project

Technical Specifications
Acceptance Testing

10 24h

Unit 6 Professional or Research Orientated Internship

Professional or Research Orientated Internship
20 -



Duration of Internship: 20 weeks
Students have access to a platform for employment and internships with over 200 offers per year.
Each internship whether in Master 1 or Master 2 is supervised by a professor throughout the process (Résumés, Cover Letters, Interviews, Negotiation).
The university mentoring program involves all faculty members accompanying students during their internships.  The internship is evaluated based on the student’s written report, an oral presentation, as well as the assessment of the student’s “company” tutor.
Internships may be undertaken abroad (10% of M1 students pursue their studies in a foreign country).  The student’s performance is monitored via video-conferencing.


A 4-year university degree


Admission Requirements

A student may apply for the 60 credit hour Master’s Degree if the following conditions are met: 

•    If the student has earned a Master 1 Degree or equivalent in the field of Information and Communications;
•    If the student has validated the first 2 semesters of the Master 1 “Information and Communications” from Ingémédia;
•    If the VAE Department deems the student has sufficient knowledge and/or professional experience.

Acceptance is determined by the Dean of the school of Ingémédia upon recommendation of the department head.

Validating Professional Experience

The University’s VAE Department is in charge of handling requests for validating professional experience. 

The VAE Department will welcome, inform, and advise candidates wishing to either validate a diploma in whole or in part, or pursue their studies at the University of Toulon.

For more information, please visit our website at :  or contact us:

•    Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience - e-mail : Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.

Validating University Coursework and Diplomas

The “Validation des Etudes Supérieures” department  of the University’s Registrar office centralizes the administrative procedures for both French and foreign students wishing to apply for or obtain a degree in whole or in part.

• Validation des Etudes Supérieures : - Courriel : Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.

Admission Procedures

Initial Education :

The standard application process includes an Application Form, Resume and Cover Letter.  Applications are accepted starting in March.  The application form and additional information may be found on our website: ( click on “Candidature”).

Formation continue :

Students currently employed, looking for employment as well as students wishing to pursue their studies after a 24 month interruption fall under the status of “Continuing Education” for administrative purposes.  The acceptance procedures and coursework are identical to those for Initial Education.  The application form may be found on our website: ( click on “Candidature”). However, for administrative purposes and enrollment, please contact the Formation Tout au Long de la Vie office for information and application Bâtiment V' Campus de La Garde, by phone +33  or by e-mail: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.



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