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Master 2 in information and communications, specializing in digital production and immersion

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The specialization in Digital Production and Immersion enables students to develop skills in managing digital production (Media Managers) and digital content (Media Asset Management) of new media used in audiovisual and multimedia projects.

The Digital Production and Immersion specialization is based on the following chronogram:

•    Seminars enabling students to obtain first-hand accounts and feedback from experienced professionals from various fields.
•    Fundamental Coursework
•    Project Management of the digital supply chain using various media (short films, docufiction, DVDs, blogs, forums,…)
•    A collaborative student project dubbed “Réaco”.  An integral part of the degree, this extensive project provides students in different production teams with the opportunity to directly apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in class.  Students design and develop a web portal and a DVD short film on a given theme.  Combining project management techniques (management, communication, budgeting, logistics etc…) with multimedia skills (digital content, image and sound production, etc…) students receive practical training throughout the entire semester.  Each team has access to the collaborative intranet allowing the team to post its work and assignments requested by the faculty.  The collective project follows the predetermined phases pursuant to common practices in multimedia production.  The final product or media support is presented publically to a jury of professors and professionals.
•    A 20-week Professional Internshi

The Digital Production and Immersion specialization provides the following interdisciplinary background based on proficiency in:  Collaborative Tools, Production and Integration of both digital sound and video content on networks using various media supports (Web, Video Games, DVD, HD Video Broadcasting, Cinema, Rich Media):

•    Mastering the digital supply chain of new digital media (design and development of digital productions combining live, animated, and 3D images as well as special effects, stereoscopy-embossing, augmented reality applications, immersive environments, virtual settings, serious games and video games)
•    Supervising and Managing Digital Content (Media Asset Management, Production Pipelines, Content Lifecycle, Meta-Data Management, Digital Law).

This field has become more strategic due to the development of new consumption methods which combine different communication channels and 360 broadcasting:  generalized dematerialization of audiovisual data, increased VOD needs, boom of digital terrestrial television, TV web rebroadcasting such as M6Replay, widespread HD TV broadcasts, evolutions in stereoscopy and embossing broadcasts, surge of augmented reality in traditional websites, real-time 3D in video games, etc.

Admission Requirement

Master 2:  by application for students with a 4-year university degree or M1 degree. 
All other students must apply through the VAE Department to validate experience.

Duration of studies : 2 semestres.

Employment Prospects


•    Service Sector
•    TV Channels
•    Video Production and Editing Companies (Cinema, TV)
•    Interactive Communication Agencies
•    Industrial Companies
•    Architects
•    Bio-Medical Firms
•    Archives, Libraries, and Multi-Media Libraries


•    Multi-Media Information Systems Project Manager
•    Media Manager
•    Digital Media Production and Integration Manager
•    Digital Resources Manager
•    Digital Supply Chain Engineer
•    Digital Project Development Manager

In order to ensure consistency between the Digital Production and Immersion and the Digital Image degrees offered in the PACA region, Ingemedia is a member of PRIDES IMAGE (Regional Center for Innovation and Joint Economic Development).

Department Head

Mr. Philippe Bonfils, Department Head ( Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. ), Associate Professor, 71st section.


Unit Credits ECTS Hours


Unit 1 Media, Writing and Digital Fields (common to all M2 Degrees)


Understanding Socio-Technological Information and Communication Approaches
Research Methods
Critical Approaches, Artistic practices, and Creative Technologies
Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence
New Digital Audio-Visual Tools, Professional Evolutions and New Uses, Immersive Environments
Network and Area Innovations

9 54h


Unit 2 Digital Supply Chain


New Media
Supply Chain Management
Economic, Financial, and Legal Stakes
Professional Seminars
Professional Workshops

7 57h


Unit 3 Immersive Environments


Immersive Platforms
Augmented Reality
Stereoscopy and Embossing
Digital Identities and Serious Games
Professional Seminars

7 72h


Unit 4 Media Asset Management


Production and Broadcasting Systems
Data Indexing and Normalization
Meta-Eata Processing and Versioning
Professional Seminars
Professional Workshops

7 57h
Unit Credits ECTS Hours


Unit 5 Professional Project


Technical Specifications
Acceptance Testing

10 36h


Unit 6 Professional or Research-Oriented Internship

20 -



Duration of Internship: 20 weeks.

Students have access to a platform for employment and internships with over 200 offers per year. Each internship whether in Master 1 or Master 2 is supervised by a professor throughout the process (Résumés, Cover Letters, Interviews, Negotiation).
The university mentoring program involves all faculty members accompanying students during their internships.  The internship is evaluated based on the student’s written report, an oral presentation, as well as the assessment of the student’s “company” tutor.
Internships may be undertaken abroad (10% of M1 students pursue their studies in a foreign country).  The student’s performance is monitored via video-conferencing

Employment Prospects

The aim of this professional Master’s Degree is to facilitate employment.


Validating Professional Experienc

Information pertaining to Validating Professional Experience can be obtained by contacting the Validation des acquis de l’Expérience (VAE) office - Bât. Le Béal – E-mail: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. -

Telephone: +33 - website:

Admission Procedures

Initial Education:
The standard application process includes an Application Form, Resume and Cover Letter.  Applications are accepted starting in March.  The application form and additional information may be found on our website: ( click on “Candidature”).

Formation continue :

Students currently employed, looking for employment as well as students wishing to pursue their studies after a 24 month interruption fall under the status of “Continuing Education” for administrative purposes.  The acceptance procedures and coursework are identical to those for Initial Education.  The application form may be found on our website: ( click on “Candidature”). However, for administrative purposes and enrollment, please contact the Formation Tout au Long de la Vie office for information and application Bâtiment V' Campus de La Garde, by phone +33  or by e-mail: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.



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